Inspring children through animals

Young Leaders

We have set up this page for our Managers Team Leaders and Young Leaders so they can keep updated on what is going on at the farm each week and also have a handy page of what is expected of them at the farm.

Any new animals or any new happenings will be put on this page so everyone knows whats being going on during this week.

I will take this opportunity to put on here the roles of everyone so every knows who does what at the farm

Laurie and Dawn - Owners of the farm

Own the farm and the animals and has the final say on what goes on. Advises the Managers what is needing to be done.

Emily Rose - Manager

Charlotte - Manager

Role:- To take responsiblity of running the farm at the weekends with the help of the volunteers and young leaders. Organising the young leaders roles for the day and getting the cleaning diary and jobs to be done in order.  Meeting and greeting guests.  Administer Basic First Aid to children and animals.

Team Leaders


Team Leaders oversee the groups and Young Leaders, moving around from one group to another to make sure everything is running smoothly, oversee the animal parties and gets involved in group visits and farm visits, leads a one to one session and helps new young people settle in, shows groups around. Helps clean animal cages and nurse any animals that require basic first aid if needed.

Young Leaders


To lead young groups during the holidays, Saturdays and Sundays and help out during the school holidays. Help with the feeding of the animals and other farm duties, cleaning animal cages, keeping the farm looking good,  host children parties, animal experiences goat walking and reptile experiences. Be willing to help out where needed. Clean animal cages. Show good behaviour at all times so others can follow.


What does it take to become a Young Leader

To become a young leader you must have completed the Young Leader sheet which is monitored on a monthly basis. You need to show initiative, be a good communicator, show williness, and always be friendly with others. You must love animals and show this by caring for them and looking after them propertly. Making sure they always have food, water, hay and making sure they are not cold or too warm and making sure they are clean.

When you reach the level of Young Leader you no longer will have to pay a membership to come to Animal Rangers and you can attend as much as you like during the weekends and holidays, however you must let us know you are coming and not say you are coming and not turn up as we depend on our young leaders to help the farm run smoothly.

You must be able to give us at least a Saturday or a Sunday and at least two days during the schools holidays of your time.  If you are not able to do this then please do not apply to become a young leader.

Once you have made the level, you will will have a one month trial and if you decide that it is for you, then you will receive a Hoodie with your name and title on. You will be given £5.00 per day volunteer expenses to cover your lunch or you petrol to get to us.

Trainee young leaders


To take small groups or one to one Saturdays /Sunday and during the holiday, and show the others how to work with the animals feeding, cleaning, exercising and passing their knowledge on. Show they are capable of doing the tasks given and do them to their best ability, be willing to help out where-ever needed.  Always being friendly to other children. Never talk about others behind their backs.  If you have an issure you must speak to Emily-Rose, Dawn or Laure.

Every person what ever their title  is expected to clean the animals cages and feed and groom the animals.  Every young person is expected to show others how to behave by leading by example not by telling or being bossy.  We wont except bossyness in the leaders. Being a team leader/young leader is not about telling people what to do it is about leadership.

All persons above are expected to help out Saturdays and Sundays and help out during the half terms and summer holidays.

All above are expected to eat with the others, chat with the other rangers and not seperate themselves into groups or become clicky with others.  We are inclusive and want everyone who comes to feel welcome, seperating ourselves in groups can make others feel unwelcome. We must be welcoming to all.

Farm Rules

Respect for all students, staff, and everyone on the farm

No swearing

No talking about others behind their backs if you have a problem with another talk to Dawn, Laurie, Charlotte,  Emily-Rose, or Laurie

No bullying or been unkind to others

No coke or energy drinks, no sweets

No smoking

Always listen to instructions given regarding the animals