Inspiring children through animals

Why Horses/Ponies

Horses need to feel safe to build trust with you, once you understand how they view the world and understand their body language then they feel more able to buid trust with you and you can build an incredible bond together.

These one hour sessions will allow you build trust with the horses, you will groom them, walk with them, use your voice and touch to connect.  You will learn about their body language, ear movements, lips movements, tails flicks, facial expressions.  Through working with the horse on the ground it will increase your confidence and self esteem as you start to understand the wonderful world of horse connection.

The sessions run during the holidays and at the weekends.  The cost is £55.00 per session. Suitable for ages 8 years upwards,

Available for younger children are Horse connection courses which are suitable for ages 5 years - 8years where they will groom the Shetland Ponies, lead them and spend time out in the field with them doing activities.