Stress Buster Sessions for Adults

Stress Buster Days for Adults


Anxiety and Stress can have a hamful effect on your body, with this in mind we have created a unique experience called The Stress Buster Day.

Spend a day at the farm and get rid of all that built up stress, groom the animals, feed them, walk with them, talk with them or just spend some time out with them on a one to one basis or in a small group.

We have goats, alpacos, llamas, rabbits, guiena pigs, dumbo rats, hamsters, chinchilla, chickens, pigs, and a whole host of reptiles.

They are all friendly beautiful creatures that have so much to offer you.

We are set in a calm beautiful environment in Berkshire where you can just unwind and relax around our beautiful animals, come alone or bring a friend.

We have a barn where you can eat your packed lunch or there are some lovely countries pubs nearby.

 Stress Buster days are run every Sunday 

Times are 1.00 - 3.30

Cost per person £45.00 per person

Limited numbers only

Find out the availability

Booking is essential please do not just turn up

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