Team Leader and Young Leaders Page

We have set up this page for our Team leader and all our young leaders so they can keep updated on what is going on at the farm each week.

Any new animals or any new happenings will be put on this page so everyone knows whats being going on during this week.

I will take this opportunity to put on here the roles of everyone so every knows who does what at the farm


Laurie and Dawn - Owners of the farm

Owns the farm and the animals and has the finally say on what goes on. Advises Adam on what is needing to be done.

Adam - Assistant Manger

Role:- Oversees the running of the Farm, looks after the upkeep animals and farm by delegating and doing things that need to be done to keep the farm running smoothly. Giving jobs to others, communicating with visitors.

Emily Rose - Team Leader

Role:- To assist Adam in his role.

Oversees all the groups below, moving around from one group to another to make sure everything is running smoothly, oversea the animal parties or does an animal party if needed, be able to take a one to one and helps new young people settle in,  take a group if needed, however the young leaders should always take a group first if we have a young leader available. Help clean animal cages and nurse an animal and apply basic first aid if needed.

Kirrah/ Ania/Alistar/Emily - Young Leaders

To lead young groups during the holidays, Saturdays and Sundays and help with the feeding of the animals and other farm duties , run children parties, animal experiences goat walking and reptile experiences. Be willing to help out where needed. Clean animal cages .

Trainee young leaders- yet to be named

To take small groups or one to one Saturdays /Sunday and during the holiday, and show the others how to work with the animals feeding, cleaning, exercising and passing their knowledge on.

Be willing to help out where needed.

Every person is expected to clean the animals cages and feed and groom the animals.  Every young person is expected to show others how to behave by leading by example not by telling.  We wont except bossyness in the leaders. Being a team leader/young leader is not about telling people what to do it is about leadership.

All persons above are expected to help out Saturdays and Sundays and help out during the half terms and summer holidays.

All above are expected to eat with the others in the hut chat with the other rangers and not seperate themselves into groups.  We are inclusive and want everyone who comes to feel welcome,seperating ourselves in groups can make others feel unwelcome. We must be welcoming to all.

This weeks news.

Deno the chinchilla has a eye infection and is being treated by the vet.  He is at home with us whilst he recovers, he is on eye drops three times a day and anti-biotics. The vet is not sure but feels his eye maybe has been damaged by a sharp piece of hay as their is a small insertation above his eye.  Its early days at the moment as what will happen it seems to be healing and he is going back to the vet this Friday.  He is alert and well and running around our living room as I am typing this and eating well.

Our cockeral is going back with the smaller chickens as we dont want all our other eggs fertilised. He got on well with them with the smaller ones and we must remember that there always will be a pecking order in chickens and that is the cockerals job to keep the chickens in line.  Sometimes it might seem that an animal is getting bullied or picked on but they must establish their pecking order and we need to respect that.

All our chickens are laying eggs now so we should be having lots of eggs soon.

All the goats are getting treating for lice and being brushed with power please do not use the brushes for any other animals.

We lost our small rat Jerry on Monday he had a lovely life but thats the sad thing about the rats they dont live for long. Lots of love to him and the other Jerry rat who died a few months back, they both gave us so much love. We will miss them dearly.

Carmel is on the mend after being a little poorley we thought at first it was worms but was tested and was given the all clear it seems it was an abcess which has now burst. We are bathing it and as we are doing that we are taking the time to feed him he is getting used to being handled a little more. 

We have a new addition to our reptiles, another bearded dragon kindly given to us by Kierron.  He's doing really well and had his vets check on Monday who let us know he was in good health.  He's settling in well and hopefully soon we will be bring him down the farm

All the animals are fed up of the mud at the moment and we have got more wood chip in to continue making the paths, if you dont have a job to do when you are there please feel free to pick up a shovel and start layering the paths it is working and making everyones time at the farm so much easier.

Sundays is Duke of Edinburgh volunteer morning, we have lots of young people who come in to volunteer to work with us, make friends with them and have fun they seem a great bunch of people and its a great way of widening your social circles.

In future any good feedback we get from customers I will put on here, please note I will also be putting bad feedback on as well.

Please check on this page on a regular basis for updates