Reptile Road Show

THE REPTILE ROADSHOW is available to come your school or business premises to present our reptiles and bugs.  This is a fun educational experience where children, young people and adults can get involved hands on with our Reptiles, Snakes and Bugs.

You will learn lots about the reptiles where they come from what they eat.  How to care for them.  Students will get the chance to hold the reptiles, snakes and bugs.

We cater for small groups, small school class groups, nurseries, adult care homes and small companies.

Larger groups can be broke down into smaller groups so everyone gets the best experience.

The Reptiles we present will be a selection of different types of Gekkos, Bearded dragons, Snakes and Bugs.

Spiders will be available for a close up experience however they cannot be held.

If you would like to book please email us with your dates and we will get you booked in.

We will arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to setting up.  We will start with a brief talk about health and safety and hygene when handling and supply hand gel to clean hands after the sessions.

We will allow plenty of time for each person to have a memorable hands on experience with each of our unusual and fascinating creatures.  All the reptiles are friendly and used to been handled.

We will present brief facts about each animal, their habitat and brief information about the life in the wild and answer any questions.

Getting up close and personal with a varitey of exotic creatures is a wonderful experience for any child, young person or adult.

The cost of the sessions is £185.00 for upto 16 persons for a 90 min experience. Prices for larger groups can be negoitated.